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Afp investigates baxter mattress fire to find potential causes of the blaze at the Bay St. home where it took place

A woman who lives at the Bay Street home where she suffered smoke inhalation from a baxter mattress fire says it was likely started in anger in August.

On Wednesday night, she described a fire that took the lives of her parents, her brother and three older brothers.

"She took this baxter mattress out after it had been out for a while and started it on fire," said her brother, who asked not to be named.

"All four children were in there."

She said her parents were playing in their bed when the flames broke out. When the house's owner called her parents on Wednesday, she said she couldn't get out of bed because her head was down, but it took about five minutes for her parents to get out of bed and get the baby's head out of the fire.

The two burned children were taken to hospitals. She said her sister was rushed to hospital but the injuries weren't life threatening.

On Thursday night, police took statements from three young people who lived at the house and were allowed to see the scene.

They said the family living at the Bay Street home at about 6:30 p.m. on Aug. 19 was home with their parents and a child while on a camping trip.

A woman who lives there, who asked not to be identified, said when she heard the fire start she saw smoke coming from a baxter mattress.

"Her eyes were burning, and she was shaking and screaming," said the woman. "And she saw a girl that looked like her mom (who was) on the ground."

She said the girl was screaming for her mother to come. She heard the girl's parents screaming at each other before the fire started, and she said the young woman's hair started to fall out of her head when she was taken to the hospital, but she wasn't injured.

"She was screaming for them to come back and see their kids," she said. "But her parents didn't leave because they were crying."

'I could hear them saying, 'No, you could have done better,'" she said.

The police officer that responded said he heard nothing other than the baxter mattress being used.

Neighbour Tim Reardon said police did not find anything, nor did he have evidence on how the fire started, but added it was sad to see so many neighbors affected by the fire.

"<Neighbours> thought that someone burned up the home that they lived in and so they did get a bit upset," he said.

The police officer was not available for comment Thursday nigh
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Virtual experience for carillon fans".

He said a carillon system that can accurately match the time from its own sources would provide a more natural experience.

"A lot of times they will come to you from remote locations or there will be a carillon system that's out of the country," he said.

"You're hearing voices. You're walking up a small hill. It really changes the feeling when you get close to the concert."

Topics: art-history, music, carillon-gallery-in-palm-are

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